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    February 15, 2017 /  Foods & Culinary

    Things you Should Know before Dutch Oven Cooking. a dutch oven cooker can be used to cook chili, rice and chicken among others. That food that you cook using your tandoor or any other furnace can be cooked in a dutch oven. As long as you have enough experience cooking using the dutch oven you should be confident to do a great job. Among the few known things used in a dutch oven, lumps of charcoal are more prevalent here. This enables you to operate well as you can easily estimate temperatures which result in better meals. Apart from the coal lumps, individuals who know temperature regulations, love using real wood charcoal. You can still afford good meals if you have knowledge of temperature regulations. You are advised to cook heavy meals after you flavor and purify your dutch oven. It is always wise to start preparing something simple. Choose something that will help build the seasoning film on your oven. You must have some awareness of temperature regulation before you start cooking with the dutch oven. There are some foods that can help you learn in cooking as most is prepared under about 350 degrees. First, you can choose to deep-fry fish or doughnuts. The recipe is as follows. Ensure you put enough cooking oil so as to read two inches deep. You can place the oil on heated coal. It is recommended that you test the temperatures of the oil first before you put the food in. If it fizzles, it is hot enough. Just as most people like it, get to deep fry the fish or the doughnut to a golden brown. To remove your deep-fried food; make sure you have a slotted metal scoop or a stick.
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    Just as fish or doughnut require about three hundred and fifty degrees to prepare in the dutch oven so are other meals like bacon, chicken or biscuits. A seasoning film is created using such meals as given above that require temperatures around 350 degrees. After you are done with your cooking, allow the oven to cool at temperatures that your hands can feel without burning. You can then remove any left-over food and then wipe away all the oil.
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    nonetheless there are foods that you should practice caution when cooking. These foods that require caution when cooking using the dutch oven are mostly the acidic ones. Wait until you have got a strong, solid coating in place before cooking these and then be sure to clean up quickly after you are done cooking straight away.

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